Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blogs: Tips and Advice for Homeschooling Kids with Special Needs

Our Librarian, Pippa, is always on the lookout for new resources for the students at our school. Here is a list of blogs she found on homeschooling special needs kids that might prove useful.

Tips and Advice for Homeschooling Kids with Special Needs
  1. Special Connection Homeschool: A homeschooling mom of a daughter with Down syndrome started this page to share resources for others who have special needs kids and homeschool.
  2. LD Parents: This blog is for the homeschooling parents of children with disabilities.
  3. Profiles of Martial Artists with Disabilities: A blog encouraging people with disabilities to learn martial arts, this site includes advice and tips.
  4. A New Vision: This blog features public education, essays, encouragement, and actual stories of people with significant disabilities who obtain employment, wages, and community integration in their lives.
  5. Special Education and Disability Rights Blog: A team of attorneys and advocates in southern California who represent parents of students with disabilities this blog is a place for anyone interested in special education issues to share stories and ideas with the special education community.
  6. Autism Assistance: Provides information about grants, financial assistance, funding strategies and other resources to help families coping with autism and other disabilities.
  7. Disability is an Art: A blog for people with disabilities to discuss problems without fear or hesitation.
  8. The Disability Facts Blog: The blog includes disability-related resources, information, and tips related to employment and homeschooling issues.
  9. Blue Room Weblog: A health blog to support people with depression, anxiety and other mental disabilities, Blue Room includes posts and articles for homeschooling.
  10. Disability and Health: A blog that focuses on disability articles concerning physical and mental health and information concerning federal benefits.
  11. Eclectic Education: This homeschooling blogger cares for her two special needs kids and offers tips for others in the same situation.


  1. Thanks for sharing my blog with others. I am excited to learn more about the other links you suggested as many of them are new to me! We can never have too many resources!


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