Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Best HCOS Teacher recommended ADHD resources

Free from the Heritage Overdrive Library:

Scattered Minds
Bright But Not Broken
Driven to Distraction and
Answers to Distraction

Here is a link to the books that were recommended.  Some of the ones above made it onto the list.  I made a public Amazon wish list for them titled “Best ADHD Resources":

Audiobook link:

Driven to Distraction Youtube link to the audio book: 


Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance website is a good place to start:
Totally ADD” site and their video (ADD and Loving it). It is about adults, but should help for everyone.
CHADD — National Resource on ADD is a US based organization that has some really good information and resources.
They have webinars on ways to support ADD — nutritionally, educationally etc… Many are free. 
Magazine Subscription:

ADDitude magazine subscription:   or for free as an online subscription.

On-line Video Lectures:

These lecture series on ADHD are presented by Dr. Russell Barkley, an internationally recognized expert on ADHD. : The Treatments for Child and Adolescent ADHD Disorder School Management for Children with ADHD  The Best 12 Best Principles for Managing a Child or teen with ADHD 

(With thanks to Diana M for your work compiling the list!) 

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